Arizer Digital V Tower Vaporizer

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The new Arizer Digital V-Tower  is a whip based affordable vaporizer that has been reintroduced to the market because of such high demand.  This Arizer features high quality impact resistant glass parts because they are attractive, inert and toxin free giving you great flavor and a smooth, flavorful vaporizing experience.

The Arizer Digital V-Tower was manufactured to deliver incredible precision. The clear back lit LCD display gives actual temperature, preset temperature, timer and will display in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. This Forced Air Vaporizer is equipped with a glass bowl that stands vertically to allow even and efficient air flow giving you maximum potency of herbs and a full bodied flavor.

The new Arizer V Tower heater is ceramic and features a full lifetime warranty. Ceramic is utilized because it is no toxic alleviating any bad flavors or lingering tastes that you would find with metal. To ensure smooth, cool and flavorful vapor the V Tower utilizes  a long whip  made from food grade tubing ensuring no health risks or rubber taste. Additionally the V Tower is equipped with an Auto Shut off timer with adjustable setting. So there is no more worrying if it was left on. Classy stainless steel housing keeps this unit cool to the touch and can be left out as a center piece for all to enjoy.

Arizer Digital V Tower Vaporizer

The Complete Arizer V Tower set Includes:

– 1 Arizer Digital V Tower Heating Unit
– 1 Potpourri Dish and Aroma Therapy Dish
– 1 Cyclone Bowl
– 1 Stainless Steel Filter Screens replacement pack
– 1 Glass Stirring Tool
– 1 Whip featuring Glass End And glass Adapter
–  The Owners Manual

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