Da Buddha GG Hands Free Vaporizer

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Da Buddha GG Hands Free Vaporizer was designed for the vaporizing connoisseur looking for the ultimate in vaporizer technology and advancement. Da Buddha Vaporizer is an affordable, potent and flavorful Hands Free Vaporizer from the same company that brought us the ever popular Silver Surfer Vaporizer.  Built for Quality in the good old  US of A, Utilizing the  unique  cylindrical design of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer which optimizes air resistance and provides an all natural cooling effect of Vapors.

Da Buddha vaporizers utilize a very specialty inverted ground glass All Glass vapor hose that gives a truly exceptional vaporizing experience. This Feature Packed Vaporizer is as visually stunning as it is versatile. Your friends will be impressed and with the 3yr Manufacturers warranty you will be able to enjoy many hours of satisfying vaporizing year after year.

Da Buddha GG Hands Free Vaporizer

Da Buddha Comes Standard With:

  • Quality Parts Built and designed in America
  • High Quality Fast Heating Ceramic Heater
  • Rigid Attractive Aluminum Housing
  • Fully Adjustable Temperature Settings
  • Quickly and Easily Change Screens
  • Ground Glass Parts
  • Hands Free Vaporizing
  • The Air Intake is Completely Separated from Electronics keeping things cool
  • FREE Da Buddha Storage Bag included
  • Long Whip

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  • Website: Vaporizers Fast! – Price: $179.99

  • Website: Vaporizer Sale – Price: $189.24