Eclipse Vape H2O Vaporizer

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The Eclipse Vape H20 Portable Vaporizer can be directly attached to a regular water pipe, and it will work with essential oils as well as Herbs or Blended Concentrates. Quickly change from plant matter to essential oils in seconds with the detachable all glass Pyrex one dram vial and never worry about cross contamination of flavors again. The Eclipse Vape H2O Portable Vaporizer will bring you years of smooth flavorful Vaporization.

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With no moving parts or electronics, the Eclipse Vape H2O is built to last from solid aluminum and is coated inside and out with an anodized coating that is a food grade finish. The housing of the  Vape H2O Portable vaporizer for Weed in basically indestructible. Get yours today and turn your regular old water pipe into a Vaporizer for far less then a stand alone vaporizing unit.

Eclipse Vape H2O Vaporizer

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