Vape Or Smoke Ninja Edition Portable Vaporizer and Pipe

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The Vape Or Smoke Ninja Portable vaporizer can be used as a pipe or a vaporizer making it a truly advanced handheld vaporizer. The Vape Or Smoke Ninja is all weather proof so it can be used in the snow, on the water or anywhere you may need to go. Featuring an ash catcher that takes care of all the nasty tar, dust and resins that we all want to avoid. The Vape Or Smoke Ninja is an incredibly clean and smooth smoking device whether used as a pipe or a vaporizer it will meet your needs day in and day out.

The Vape Or Smoke Ninja uses a jet butane torch that is self contained with in the device to heat air instantly and its fully adjustable. This Convection style hot air vaporizer is designed to give you maximum control. The Stainless steel bowl was designed with an improved hole pattern for optimum efficiency and ease of use. The Bowl actually launches left over resins and tar into a trap within the unit.

The Vape Or Smoke Ninja Vaporizer Comes with a 2yr Manufactures warranty for the pipe and a 6 month warranty on the butane lighter, so you will never be without your favorite Portable Vaporizer.

With other Portable Vaporizers you are stuck with just the vapor, but with the Vape Or Smoke you are free to make the decision to use the pipe or the Vaporizer on all your precious herbs making it the perfect vaporizer for your weed.

Rest Assured your Vape Or Smoke is made from the highest quality materials made from space age plastics and a FDA approved plastic mouth piece. All Vape Or Smokes are made in the USA!

Ninja Edition Portable Vaporizer and Pipe

Each Vape Or Smoke Unit Comes with Box, Vape Or Smoke Vaporizer, Butane Lighter, Mesh Screen Set and a Vape Or Smoke Poker.

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